Author: ild2

  1. Install VLC.
  2. In Musicbee goto: "Preferences> Player" and point Musicbee to the VLC executable and click "Save".
  3. You can now right-click any podcast entry inside Musicbee and select "Play with Vlc" - it's not finished though. You will find that the playback stops repedetly to refill the buffer.
  4. To fix this:
    1. start VLC.
    2. go to "extras> settings".
    3. select "Show settings> all" in the lower left corner of the settings window.
    4. go to "Input/Codecs> Access-Modules> HTTP(S)".
    5. change the "Cache value in ms" to something a little higher, like 4000.
    6. check "Continuous stream" and "Automatically reconnect" and save the settings.

Streaming of video podcasts should now work correctly without the rebuffering.

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