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Plugin author: steven


When this plugin is enabled, MusicBee will only play the starting portion and optionally the ending portion of a track. You can set a start offset and duration in the Plugin preferences screen and optionally an offset from the track end/ duration (all in seconds)

How to useEdit

  1. Extract content of archive to plugins subfolder of MusicBee installation folder (e.g. to "c:\program files\musicbee\plugins").
  2. Enable the plugin from MusicBee Preferences -> Plugins
  3. To activate, right click in the main panel/ Preview Mode/Enable Track Preview Mode - this needs to be done on each restart of musicbee.
  4. If you want to keep listening to the current playing track, right click/ Suspend Track Preview Mode. The preview mode when the current track finishes
  5. or assign and use these hotkey commands: Player: Toggle Track Preview Mode and Player: Suspend Track Preview Mode


Go to 'Edit/Preferences/Plugins'. Click 'Uninstall'. Plugin will delete all automatically created files (e.g. settings), but you need to exit MusicBee and manually delete all files that were included in plugin .zip.



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