Speak Back

LAST UPDATED 2014-03-06


Get a female voice say rating and tag changes to you. For example when Musicbee is minimized.
Very handy for when you change tags via hotkeys!

For now "she" speaks back only when changing ratings and when (any other) tags are actually saved in the file.


UntCX Speak Back 0.1.145 (2014-03-06)


Extract the files to "Plugins" folder of your MusicBee Application folder.


  • Change a rating and listen!
  • Bind a key to "Speak Rating"
  • You can change the audio files in the folder [Program Files]\MusicBee\Plugins\Speak Back

Bugs, Comments, Feature requests & LikesEdit

In this musicBee forum topic, please:

ThanksEdit Steven, boroda74, Elberet and all others that helped me!


0.1.145 (2014-03-06)

  • Says current rating without changing anything via hotkey!
  • Pauses itself when too many changes at once (Phew!)
  • Also shortcut with debug info (to test the async playing and pausing for too many changes at once)

0.1.98 (2013-08-25)

  • Needs MusicBee version 2.2!
  • Says old rating now also. E.g. "Rating changed from 1 to 3".</li>
  • Says "no rating" for no ratings. e.g. "..from no rating to 5"</li>
  • Says something funny when sound file not found

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