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Plugin Forum Thread

Plugin author: boroda74


Plugin updates your status in social networks according to the music you are listening.

Supported social networksEdit

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • VKontakte
Google+ API provides read-only access for now. Until this changes it wont be supported.



Do all you want with plugin binary and source code at your own risk.

How to useEdit

Extract content of archive to plugins subfolder of MusicBee installation folder (e.g. to "c:\program files\musicbee\plugins"). See 'Tools/Update status' menu item. To configure plugin go to 'Edit/Preferences/Plugins'.

You can assign a hotkey or toolbar button to 'Social Networks Status: Update status' command.


Go to 'Edit/Preferences/Plugins'. Click 'Uninstall'. Plugin will delete all automatically created files (e.g. settings), but you need to exit MusicBee and manually delete all files that were included in plugin .zip.

Plugin statusEdit

Working for most users, discontinued, unsupported anymore.


Stable version 4.3.5253, 2016-02-24, only for MusicBee 2.4 or later


Source MS VS 2013 project, C#. Most people don't need this.

Use Latest Update for full plugin functionality.

What's new?Edit

Feb 24, 2016Edit

  1. Facebook has changed the list of available permissions for 3rd party apps and plugin has stopped to work with Facebook at all. This is fixed.

May 20, 2014Edit

  1. Bugfix in Facebook service

April 12, 2014Edit

  1. New plugin version correctly parses singe-key hotkeys in textboxes, i.e. you can assign for example 'space' as hotkey and use 'space' as normal character in plugin settings window

March 31, 2014Edit

  1. Russian social network VKontakte is added.

February 21, 2014Edit

  1. Fixed bug when automatic status updates couldn't be disabled.

January 17, 2014Edit

  1. New library used for Twitter. Fixed recent problems with Twitter login.
  2. Minor improvements and bugfixes.

December 21, 2013Edit

  1. Added support for new tags (Genres, Artists, Artists: Artist, Artists: Performer, Artists: Guest, Artists: Remixer).

November 02, 2013Edit

  1. Error logs are now written to 'AppData' folder rather than 'C:\Windows\Temp'.

August 25, 2013Edit

  1. Plugin package is updated. There were wrong files in package.

August 24, 2013Edit

  1. New library is used for Twitter. Fixed problems with posting tweets and hash tags (e.g. #nowplaying).

Jule 02, 2013Edit

  1. Added support for Twitter.
  2. Various bugfixes.
  3. Better error handling.

March 09, 2013Edit

  1. New option 'Autoupdate status every XX tracks' is added.
  2. New option 'Autoupdate status only if track is loved' is added.
  3. New option 'Autoupdate status inly if rating is greater' is added.

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