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This Plug In allows you to subscribe to playlists/groups which will allow you to automatically download all the tracks of that groups.

  • You can create new groups. Either public or private groups.
  • You can also join groups, which would download the songs to your own machine.
  • Its a perfect way to share music with friends.
  • Playlist share allows you to share music over a network connection or over the internet.
  • An added function is collaborative ratings. So you can see what other people think of your music.

How to useEdit

  1. Extract content of archive to plugins subfolder of MusicBee installation folder (e.g. to "c:\program files\musicbee\plugins").
  2. Enable the plugin from MusicBee Preferences -> Plugins -> playlist share
  3. To activate, enter a username and email in MusicBee Preferences -> Plugins -> playlist share and then click Generate ID.
    • This will create a unique UserID for you. You can use this same UserID in different instances of MusicBee
  1. To join groups, go to Tools -> Playlist Share -> Group Maintenance...
    1. Highlight an interesting group and then click join. Note this will start the downloading process
    2. You can also add your own group
      • Just give it a name and a shared folder(for network groups)
      • You can also assign a secret key for private groups
      • Finally select where the shared tracks should be stored. Network, Cloud or a Hybrid option
  2. To upload songs to a group, go to Tools -> Playlist Share -> Uploader...
  1. Browse and select the files you wish to upload
    1. Select the group you wish to upload the songs to
    2. Click Upload. Note: for cloud groups, the upload could take a few minutes to upload. Playlist share will notify you when the upload has completed.
    3. You can also upload directly from your library by right clicking on the selected tracks -> Playlist Share -> Add to xxx

Collaborative ratingEdit

Every time you rate a song within a group, Playlist Share will record the ratings to show a collaborative rating for each track.

This rating can be viewed for the current playing track by right clicking on the selected track -> Playlist Share Monitor or from the View -> Playlist Share Monitor menu.

Addition optionsEdit

MusicBee Preferences -> Plugins -> playlist share -> Playlist location

  • Set this location to where you want Playlist Share to store the group files

MusicBee Preferences -> Plugins -> playlist share -> Auto Download

  • This option will automatically download new tracks and playlists when MusicBee starts.
  • If disabled, Playlist Share will show a Downloader screen where you can select which files to download


Playlist Share needs an internet connection to perform all operations.

  • Settings
  • Groups
  • Downloader
  • Monitor
  • Uploader
  • ContextMenu


Beta: Binary - PlaylistShare V0.2.1

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