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Plugin author: Konstantinos Paparas (Kelsos)

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A plugin that acts as a socket server for communication with the MusicBee Remote android application.


GPLv3 for both the plugin and the android application.


  • Nexus 7 Portrait
  • Nexus 7 landscape
  • Open sidebar navigation
  • Mainview
  • Lyrics
  • Now playing list
  • Library search


The user now has two options for the plugin installation, the one is the automated installer and the other is the 7zip archive. The installer should locate the MusicBee installation folder automatically. The other option is the 7zip archive, you may want to use the archive in case you are using the portable version of MusicBee. To install the plugin using the archive you should simply extract the contents to the MusicBee plugin folder.

Info! In case you need it the default MusicBee installation folder should be either C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Plugins on a 64bit system or C:\Program Files\MusicBee\Plugins on a 32bit system.

How To Install MusicBee Remote01:36

How To Install MusicBee Remote


If you installed the plugin using the automated installer there should be an entry on you start menu with a link to the uninstaller. You have to exit MusicBee and run the uninstaller. The uninstaller should clean everything related to the plugin, along with the user settings. If you manually installed the plugin you have to go to 'Edit/Preferences/Plugins'. Click 'Uninstall'. Plugin will delete all automatically created files (e.g. settings), but you need to exit MusicBee and manually delete all files that were included in plugin .zip.

Updating ProcessEdit

The updating process is similar to the installation, you have to exit MusicBee and either run the automated installer tha will replace the previous versions of the files, or extract the contents and replace on you own if you used the archive.

How to useEdit


Although the plugin has some default settings and it can function out of the box, it is suggested to configure it during the first run. You can find the plugin settings panel either through the MusicBee menu -> Tools -> MusicBee Remote or by MusicBee menu -> Edit ->Preferences and then Find the Plugins option and locate the musicbee remote:plugin entry.

Mbrc plugin 09x settings

MusicBee Remote: plugin settings window

  1. Is the status of the socket listener. If the status is Running then everything is fine.
  2. If the port where the plugin listens for incoming connections. You will need it only if the automatic setup is not working or if you use the application over a Mobile wireless internet connection (3G etc.).
  3. The address filtering functionality is the same as in the previous version.
  4. Now Playing limit represents the number of tracks that will appear when you open the Now Playing view in the Remote. The default value is set to 5000 but this can change to what ever the user wants.
  5. Is a list with the IP addresses of the interfaces of your computer. If there is only one then this is the one you will need in case of manual configuration along with the port number. It there are more than it will be one of them. (Wifi)

Warning! Although it is possible to use the remote through a 3G or remote internet connection, the suggested operation model over a Wifi LAN connection. Use it only if you know exactly what are you doing. Support for the NAT configuration of your router will not be provided. Warning! When setting the now playing list limit above 5000 the user may experience lag.

Android ApplicationEdit

Main ScreenEdit

01-mbrc 0.9 default

MusicBee Remote: Main Screen

For the greatest part the main screen is the same as in the previous versions. The connection button was moved to the Navigation Drawer.

  1. The new version has support for 5 star rating. To display the rating bar you have to click on the cover. The rating bar will stay visible for 3 seconds.
  2. A love button has been added, simply tapping the icon will toggle the loved status of the track. A long press will ban the track.
  3. Clicking on the Application logo (Home Button) will open the Navigation Drawer. Another way to open the navigation drawer is by a slide gesture starting from the left border of the screen. The slide has to start from the edge.
01-mbrc 0.9 search

MusicBee Remote: Library Search


<p class="text-justify">By pressing the search button on the action bar a text input will appear. The selected page represents the context of the search. So in the Genre tab you will search for Genres etc. You can change the current page by swiping.

<p class="text-justify">If no results match your search then the application will show you a corresponding message. Otherwise the list will be loaded with the search results. The short press action for each entry can be configured through the options. The default action is to Queue Last. By pressing either the context icon (highlight in the red box) or by a long press you can get the context menu with the available actions.

<p class="text-justify">The available actions for the context menu are Queue Next, Queue Last, Play Now (clears the existing now playing list) and for Genre there is one more option to Get the Artists for the specific genre, for Artists the option to get the Albums for the specific Artist and finally for the Album the option to get the Tracks for the specific album.

01-mbrc 0.9 nowplaying

MusicBee Remote: Now Playing

Now PlayingEdit

<p class="text-justify">There have been a number of changes on the functionality of the now playing list.

  1. The now playing list supports search functionality. The search will play the first match for the keyword used.
  2. You can now sort the now playing list by dragging each list item to a new position. You simple have to touch the drag indicator and move the item to a new position.
  3. You can remove a track from the now playing list by touching the remove indicator and swiping either to the left or the right side to remove the track.

<p class="text-justify">Other than that tapping on a specific item should play the related track.

01-mbrc 0.9 settings

MusicBee Remote: Settings


There have been a few changes on the settings screen.

  1. The old settings entry for port and address have been replaced by the Manage Connections entry
  2. An option to enable/disable the notification control widget has been added for devices running at least Android 3 (this will not appear on devices running Froyo (2.2) or Gingerbread (2.3.x) since this type of notifications is not supported by the specific platforms).
  3. The user can select the default press action for the search functionality (Queue Next, Queue Last, Play Now).

01-mbrc 0.9 connection manager

MusicBee Remote: Connection Manager

Connection ManagerEdit

<p class="text-justify">On the connection manager you can see a list of the connections stored. Only one connection will be used by the application each time, the one that is set as default.

  1. The connection entry item represents a specific connection. The first line is the name of the computer, the second line contains the ip address (or host name), and finally a tick in the case of the default connection. By tapping the entry you can set it as default. Also by using a long press you can open a context menu with more actions like edit or delete.
  2. The scan button uses is used for to automatically setup the application, detecting the remote plugin. It works only on a Wifi connection and requires UDP Multicast to function. The plugin must be activated in MusicBee for this to work.
  3. In case the scan functionality does not work you can use the add functionality to manually add your connection settings.

Warning! The discovery functionality may not work if your router disables UDP Multicast.


Stable version 0.9.3, 2013-08-13, only for MusicBee 2.1 or later.

Available for download.

Source code

The source code for the MusicBee Plugin is available on Github

The source code for the Android application is available on


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