ITunes PluginEdit

This plugin is included with your MusicBee installation.

Up-to-date with version 3.0.5908

Plugin author: Steven


Lastfmplugin plugin

Allows you to scrobble play counts to and love or ban tracks with the "loved" field. Requires a account.

When you first enable it, it will prompt you to log in. Then you will see the options shown at right (may require closing and reopening Preferences).

scrobble tracks played on portable devices

(Default: ticked) In theory, you can scrobble your play counts from your portable devices. However, be sure to read what Steven has to say about two-way synchronization.

do not scrobble podcasts

(Default: ticked) Untick if you want your podcast plays submitted to

do not scrobble tracks in the following folders

Exclude any tracks in the selected folders (for instance, to prevent audiobooks or podcasts from being scrobbled).

synchronize from to your library on startup

Ticking either of these will cause your library to be updated based on's data.

  • synchronise Play Count (Default: unticked)
  • synchronise Loved tracks (Default: unticked) Recommendations PluginEdit

Plugin Forum Thread

Plugin author: Steven


Lfmsat RecommendedArtistsAndTracks Recommendations

It shows recommended artists and tracks similar to the current playing track in the Track and Artist panel. You can perform a number of actions such as finding tracks by each artist in your library, opening the web page, queuing/playing the similar tracks if they are in your library, etc. You do not need to have a account to use this plugin.

From MusicBee 3.0+, the plugin appears as a link in the Services Node.

Inspired by the Playing Track Data website done by Thorbjorn.

How to useEdit

You can click on an artist or a track, with the default or override action set from the right click context menu.

For artists the actions can be:

  1. open the artist web page
  2. find the tracks for that artist in your library (note that the displayed track count includes inbox files, which don't appear in the library filter)
  3. find the tracks for similar artists to the one clicked
  4. if you click using the middle mouse button, then a tab with the artist tracks in your library will be opened irrespective of the settings

For tracks the actions can be:

  1. as above for the track artist
  2. open the track web page
  3. if MB matches the track to one in your library:
    1. play now (it actually queues the track next and plays immediately so as not to destroy your now playing list)
    2. queue next
    3. queue last/ random


Binary Stats PluginEdit

Plugin Forum Thread

Plugin author: Steven


LastFmStats Stats

Plugin displays play count statistics from for your library. Plugin can show the top 20/50/100 play counts over 12 Months, 6 Months, 3 Months, 1 Month, 1 Week for your:

  • albums
  • artists
  • tracks

From MusicBee 3.0+, the plugin appears as a link in the Services Node. Right click on the panel to change the settings.


3.0 version Binary

Original version Binary Playlist Generator PluginEdit

Plugin Forum Thread

Plugin author: Steven


This plugin enables various types of playlists to be created based on information from - some of the functions are based on data from your account, and need to have logged in to at least once with MusicBee but you don't need to be logged in at the time of using this functionality. You do not need a account to use the "Artist" and the "Similar Artist" functions.

  • Library Top Tracks. The most played tracks (according to your library) over a period of time that are in your library: overall, last year, last 6 months, last 3 months, last week
  • Loved tracks
  • playlist (i.e. a playlist that has been saved on
  • Genre 'xxx' Top Tracks - the most played tracks (all users of for a genre - the available tags are the top 20 genre tags from your library, plus 5 custom ones you can enter yourself
  • Artist 'xxxx' Top Tracks. For the selected artist, the most played tracks (all users of that are in your library
  • Similar Artist 'xxxx' Top Tracks. For the selected artist, the most played tracks (all users of for that artist or any similar artists

How to useEdit

Right click in the main panel/ Playlist/...

  • Save Tracks To -> you can save to a New Playlist (default), Now Playing List or choose an existing playlist
  • select one of the above commands



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