Up-to-date with version 3.0.5899

File Edit

File Menu

File Menu

Add Files to Library Edit

Allows you to select specific files to add the library.

Scan Folders for New Files Edit

Hotkey: Insert

Scan selected directories for files to add to the Music Library or Inbox.

Library Edit

Library Menu

Library Menu

Playlists Edit

Playlists Menu

Playlists Menu

Main article: Playlists

Various playlist-related commands.

Edit Tags Edit

Hotkey: Shift + Enter

Opens the Tag Editor for the selected tracks.

Locate in Windows Explorer Edit

Opens File Explorer to the folder of the selected file.

Can be assigned a Hotkey.

Organize Files Edit

Hotkey: Ctrl + R

Reorganize the names and/or folder structure of your audio files based on a Template.

Open Stream Edit

Open File or URL

Open File or URL

Provide the URL of a file or radio stream for MB to play.

Synchronise Device... Edit

Main article: Devices

Activate Auto-Shutdown Edit



Executes a shutdown command (close MusicBee, sleep the computer, or shut down the computer) at a specified moment (end of playlist, end of track, or number of minutes).

Can be assigned a Hotkey.

Exit Edit

Close MusicBee.

Can be assigned a Hotkey.

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