Author: flebber

First we need to create a Virtual device. So using DOS SUBST (reference here {{#NewWindowLink:}})

Open a command prompt. Open start menu and type "cmd" into the search of programs and files.

Next change to the directory you want to make your device:

C:\Users\renshaw family>cd C:\Users\renshaw family\Music\MusicMp3

Then create the virtual drive:

C:\Users\renshaw family\Music\MusicMp3>SUBST H: .

Test, it should work and show the new drive:

C:\Users\renshaw family\Music\MusicMp3>cd H:

Locate "Computer" in MusicBee left panel. Right-click and select "Manage Folders> Set H: as Virtual Device". H: now shows in devices in MusicBee right navigator panel. Right-click H: and select "Device Settings". Check box "On the fly conversion" and set it to whatever format you want. Select second tab "Auto Sync Settings", check "Sync whenever device connected". Then select the folder you want to sync. Click "Save". Right-click on H: and select "Synchronise".

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