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Preferences Plugins

Enable or Disable plugins

Plugins offer a way to extend MusicBee's capabilities through user-created scripts.

Installing & Uninstalling Edit

Unless there are other instructions, plugins are installed by unzipping all files (if necessary) and placing them in the Plugins folder of your MusicBee program directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Plugins, frequently). They should be automatically activated the next time you start MusicBee, but if they are not, you can enable them through Preferences>Plugins (see image on the right).

Plugins should be deactivated and uninstalled through MusicBee first. Then go to your Plugins folder and manually delete any remaining files.

Adding a Plugin Edit

To add a plugin to the wiki, make a page for it and include the link [[Category:Plugins]] at the bottom or "Plugins" keyword in the Category box. That will automatically list the page here. Please read Wiki Contributors Guidelines first.

To develop a plugin, see API Documentation and Category:API. There is also a Plugin Tutorial available.


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Default Plugins Edit

These plugins are available on installation:

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