Allows MusicBee to hook up to Rogue Amoeba's Airfoil to provide metadata and remote control to anything connected to Airfoil (speakers, remote apps) that might support it.



  • Shut down MusicBee.
  • Download the .7z archive from the release page.
  • The archive contains two .dll files. Extract them into MusicBee's Plugins folder.
  • Start MusicBee and enable the plugin if necessary (Preferences -> Plugins).


All you need to do is install the plugin and make sure it's enabled; it will start feeding data to Airfoil once it starts asking for it. There is nothing to configure at this time.


  • Shut down MusicBee.
  • Delete AirfoilMetadataAgent.dll and mb_AirfoilIntegration.dll from MusicBee's Plugins folder.
  • The plugin has no settings and creates no files, so the "Uninstall" button in MusicBee won't do anything.

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