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Plugin author: emilles


Plugin streams audio from compatible media players (including MusicBee) to the Apple TV, AirPort Express and/or any AirPlay-compatible device


  • Supports a wide range of AirPlay devices and programs
  • Streams audio to multiple supported devices over wired or wireless network(s)
  • Synchronizes audio streams between multiple devices
  • Displays track metadata (title, artist, album, artwork, progress) on devices that support it
  • Supports full set of playback operations (play, pause, stop, seek, skip, etc.)
  • Plays multiple tracks with no gap between tracks
  • Supports remote control
  • Supports password-protected remote speakers
  • Supports multi-homed (more than one network interface) workstations
  • Discovers remote speakers automatically using zero-configuration network protocols
  • Supports static configuration of remote speakers for hard-to-locate devices
  • Supports international characters for device names
  • Supports mono and stereo input
  • Supports standard sample rates (samples per second) on input
  • Supports standard sample sizes (bits per sample) on input

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